Tips To Help You Pick The Right Type Of Moving Service

16 July 2016
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When planning for your move, you have many options when it comes to professional help. On one end of the spectrum are basic companies that only transport goods. At the other end are full service relocation companies that handle every aspect of the move. The following guide can help you decide which is best for you.

How far are you moving?

If you are moving locally, or even within the same state, more basic services are likely sufficient. These can range from a simple truck to a mover that also offers loading and unloading services. If you are going further afield, such as several states away or even abroad, you will likely want more services. For example, when going abroad, a service that handles everything from the packing to creating an inventory list for shipping the freight is almost a necessity.

Are you able to handle some of the move?

The main question here is how able are you to pack your own belongings? If time or physical limitations prevent you from packing, it can be well worth it to add packing and even unpacking services onto your moving package.

Who is moving with you?

If it is just you or you and another adult or teen, then you are likely able to handle much of the move, like unpacking and possibly even loading the truck, yourself. If you will be moving with small children, the more help you can get with the process the better. For families moving abroad or even to a completely unfamiliar state, then a relocation service that helps with locating housing, schools, churches, and even social activities can be very helpful, since these services can help your kids settle in more quickly. You begin working with these services in advance of the move so that you can have all the necessary services in place once you arrive at your new home.

What are your living arrangements?

For basic movers it is vital that you have already secured a new place for your stuff. You may be able to upgrade to a moving and storage package if you plan to house hunt after you arrive. These packages tend to involve packing your belongings into crates, which the company stores for a weekly fee until you are ready for them. Another option is temporary housing, which a full service relocation company can help with. Your stuff will either be delivered to the temporary housing, or it will be stored until you find permanent housing.

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