Determined To Move With A Pod-Type Service? You Should Still Call Movers In Both Locations

1 August 2016
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The act of moving has become a lot easier as more and more options have been introduced. A common alternative to having movers take your belongings is to use a pod-type service, where you pack up a metal container, and a freight company transports the container to your new city. However, while that can be convenient, it can be frustrating too, because now you have to deal with finding a place for the container to sit at your old and new homes. Not everyone has a level driveway where the container can rest for a while. For this reason, if you are going to use a pod service, you should still work with movers in both cities to load and unload the pods.

Can Bring to and From Depot

One of the biggest benefits of using a moving service to pack and unload the pods is that the service can actually move your belongings to and from the depot of the freight service. That eliminates the need to find a spot for the pod in an apartment complex, for example. Note that many depots don't allow you to access the pod repeatedly, so you need to be able to bring over everything at once and remove everything at once. A moving service is going to have enough room in its trucks to do this.

Faster Loading

And, if you use professional movers to load the pods, they're going to be able to load the pods a lot faster than you would. They'll know what will fare well at the bottom and at the top of the pile of stuff in each pod. Plus, if you've got just enough for a tight fit in one pod, the company can figure out the best way to squeeze everything in there. If you were to try packing the pod, you might find you have to rent a second one if you can't pack as efficiently.

Professional Packing, Better Survival

Speaking of knowing what will fare well in the pod, if you let the movers pack your belongings in boxes, too, you'll have a professional packing job that increases the chances of fragile items surviving the move. When you pack items yourself, you risk not packing things securely enough or with enough padding. Movers are usually very good at judging what each item needs to stay protected.

Many moving services have affiliates in different cities, if they don't have their own local offices. Contact movers in your home city and see if they can coordinate with another office or affiliate in your new city for a more seamless moving experience. To learn more, contact a moving company like Dixie Moving and Storage Inc.