4 Little-Known Moving Tips Your Moving Company Would Give You

5 August 2016
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When it comes to moving, there are many tips and tricks to utilize. Taking these tips and tricks into consideration can save you a great deal of time, money, and energy. Here are four little-known tips that can help you even further:

  1. Pack Certain Items With You: Instead of leaving all your belongings with the moving company you have hired to pack and move for you, there are a few items that you should actually be taking with you. For example, prescription medications, expensive jewelry, and expensive handheld electronics, such as a laptop or tablet should all be traveling with you. The best way to pack these things would be in a duffle bag to take with you in your own vehicle. 
  2. Disassemble Some Furniture: Any furniture that you are able to disassemble, such as your dining table, desk, and bookshelves should be done on your own if you're able to. This is because if this furniture needs to be disassembled in order to move it into the moving truck on the day that you are moving, the moving company will do it for you, which typically comes with a service fee. If the movers have to spend time disassembling furniture on the day of your move, it also takes up time that could otherwise be used to load boxes onto the truck quickly. 
  3. Talk to Your Movers About Some of Your Belongings: Don't leave the moving company you have hired in the dark. Communicating with your movers will ensure that your personal belongings are handled with care and arrive to your new home in their current condition. Talk to your movers about what boxes contain fragile items. You should also let your movers know if any of your furniture has any kind of problem they need to be aware of, such as a loose leg. 
  4. Take Everything Out of the Dressers: It may seem effective to leave your belongings in the dresser and simply tape up the drawers. However, the problem with this is that it leaves your items susceptible to damage. On top of this, your dresser is going to be extremely heavy for your movers to move to the truck. It may require more than two movers to get your dresser to the car, which is going to take up some time. 

When you know these little-known moving tips, you can be sure that your move is that much more effective and easy. 

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