Preparing Your Shed And Garage's Contents For Moving

9 August 2016
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If you've purchased a new home and are moving shortly, you are most likely involved in the organization and packing of your personal belongings. Many people end up tending to their garage and shed last, often tossing materials into boxes at the last minute to squeeze into a moving truck. Failing to take the appropriate steps in preparing your outdoor belongings can lead to unnecessary damage of these as well as other items in the truck. Here are some steps you can take to make sure your garage and shed's contents get to your new home without incident.

Skip Packing Hazardous Materials

Ask your moving company for a list of items they do not allow on their trucks before packing up items from your garage or shed. Moving companies often have rules regarding the transport of hazardous materials, making it necessary to find other ways to remove them from your current household instead of putting them on board the vehicle. Chemicals used as pesticides or for landscaping purposes can be given away to a neighbor. Batteries or other items acidic in nature can be recycled. This will also ensure no liquid spills in the vehicle, leading to the demise of some of your other personal property.

Protect Sharp Items From Damaging Other Items

Most people keep tools of all kinds inside their garage or shed. If you have loose tools to bring to your new home, they will need to be wrapped individually in pieces of bubble wrap before wrapping each one with a piece of cloth. You can use hand towels or bath towels if desired. Place the wrapped items into boxes or plastic storage tubs. Tools with handles, such as rakes or shovels, should be bundled together and wrapped in a large blanket or comforter. Secure it in place with packing tape so the material does not unravel while in transit. You can also contact a moving company like Walsh Moving & Storage for more tips on packing tools and other oddly-shaped items.

Consider Alternate Transportation For Larger Items

It may be beneficial to use another means of transportation for larger ride-on vehicles you normally store in your garage or shed. Ride-on lawn mowers or all-terrain vehicles will take up a large amount of space in your moving truck, making it difficult to fit your household items along with them. Consider renting and hitching a trailer to the back of a vehicle to bring these items to your new home on your own. If you don't want to rent a trailer or if you don't have access to a vehicle that can haul a trailer, you may need to rent two moving trucks instead.