Three Reasons Why You Should Keep Extra Furniture When Combining Households

11 August 2016
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If you are moving in with a significant other, you may find that you have much more furniture than you need. If you are a brand new couple and just starting out on your own, you may be interested in downsizing and using one set of furniture. Though you may be tempted to get rid of the other set of furniture, you should consider putting the second set into storage. Here are three reasons to properly store and hang on to excess furniture. 

You may upgrade your home

Most new couples will start out at a small place and upgrade to a larger home as time moves on. If you plan to have children or buy a home, save your excess furniture in storage in the meantime. This will allow you to have familiar things inside of your home when you move into a new place. You also get the chance to furnish your larger home without spending excess money right after you have acquired a mortgage. Most people are interested in filing all of the rooms in their home as soon as they close on the mortgage. If you already own furniture to put in your new rooms, you won't go deeper into debt attempting to make your new house feel like home. 

You may hit hard times

Though everyone expects that their salaries, savings, and financial station will increase with age, this may not be the case. It is possible that you may hit hard times. If this is to happen, having articles to sell for a profit can help you. Most storage facilities cost a nominal fee, so this is a cheap price to pay in order to have an asset worth a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on hand. If you hit hard times and your old furniture breaks down, having a second set on hand can keep you from falling further down the financial hole. 

Your decor style will change 

Seasons come and go and styles change. If your style has changed and you want to try something new, switch from the furniture that you have been using to the furniture from your storage unit. If the storage unit furniture is not quite your style, you can fix it up and make changes until it suits your needs. You can bring the storage furniture into your home and start to work on each piece one at a time until you have constructed your new, contemporary style furniture. 

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