Five Packing Ideas To Make Your Move Go Smoothly

19 August 2016
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Packing for a big move can seem like a daunting task, but with a few helpful hints, you can cut down the time it takes to pack and keep your items secure. Here are just a few ideas you can put to work the next time you have to pack for a move.

Gather Your Moving Supplies

Just as with any other project, having your materials together is an important step to moving. You'll need packing tape, bubble wrap, tissue paper and moving boxes. You may also want to use newspaper or clothing to cushion your fragile items. Keep a supply of garbage bags on-hand as well. This will make it easy to toss out old, unwanted items.

Prioritize Your Boxes

You probably already know to pack an overnight bag for immediate essentials, such as clothes and a toothbrush, but there are other items you'll need right away. Pack these items in unique containers, such as clear bins or a color-coded plastic tote. Only use these containers for the items you'll need right after moving. This will help them to stand out in a sea of moving boxes. Things to consider packing in these "use right away" containers might include:

  • Coffee maker, coffee filters, mugs and ground coffee
  • Bath towels, soap, toilet paper and facial tissues
  • Sheets and pillow cases

Wrap Your Clothes

Instead of taking all your clothes off of hangers and packing them in boxes, consider wrapping your clothing. You can use a roll of industrial plastic wrap, or you can simply place the clothing in garbage bags with the hangers sticking out of each bag's opening. Use a rubber band to secure the hanger hooks. When the clothing gets to your new home, you simply have to hang the items and remove the wrapping.

Number The Boxes For Each Room

One way to make sure that all your boxes are where they belong is to number them. Each room should have a number system. Before you begin unpacking, check the numbers on each box. If a number is missing, look for it first. This will help to reduce confusion as you begin to get each room set up. You can also use color-coded labels to write the numbers on, assigning one color to each room. Your movers can group the boxes in each room according to color.

Pack A Cleaning Supply Kit

Chances are, you'll need to do some cleaning in your new home to feel completely settled. Make a trip to your local discount store ahead of time and pack sponges, paper towels, cleaning solutions and garbage bags inside. Label the box, and take it to your new home in your vehicle. This way you won't have to wait until the movers drop it off to begin scrubbing down counters.

The key to a successful move is preparing in advance so you can stay organized. Use these tips and be sure to plan out your packing time so you don't feel rushed at the last minute. Contact a moving supplies company like Route 37 Self-Storage for more assistance.