Moving On: How To Detach From Your Old Home After Divorce

26 August 2016
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If you are having to move due to a divorce, you may find it harder than ever to feel any sort of motivation. Even if the divorce was amicable, it can be difficult to leave the home that you thought you would live in forever. If you feel yourself developing hard feelings or having a hard time packing up to leave your soon-to-be-old home, you should work on detaching yourself from the house and situation. Here are some ways to detach during a move due to divorce. 

Recognize how difficult it would be to stay

Moving on to a new home and a new life may be hard, but it can be even harder to stay in the home. Even if it were physically and financially possible, the old home may harbor too many feelings for you to truly be able to make a new start of your life. Your old home may also be located in an area that you only moved to due to marriage, rather than in a location you wanted to live in. Recognizing the difficulty in staying may help you with your decision to move. 

Say goodbye to the old house

Just like saying goodbye to an old friend, you can say goodbye to the old house as a form of closure. Either walk around the house and yard and say goodbye to all of the items that you will miss, or write the house a letter of goodbye. This can help you to honor what the physical home did for you during the time that you lived there. Saying goodbye can be a good start to help with detaching from the home. 

Order a full-service moving company

Instead of packing up all of your old memories and old items, hire a full-service moving company to do all of the packing and moving for you. Give them instructions and a list of things to get done and packed up around the home. While they are there, relax in your room watching movies or doing something else that takes your mind away. You can also leave the home to take a walk or to get your favorite coffee drink. Allow them to finish the job of packing, then have them remove the belongings for storage. Physically seeing your items leave the space will help you to really understand the finality of the move and can help you look forward to the new chapter in your life.