Reliable, Secure Storage for Computers

3 October 2016
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If you have extra computers and electronics that need to be secured offsite, a secure self-storage unit can give you complete control of your inventory. Before putting everything in a box or stacking systems into the first storage unit available, you'll need to consider a few risks that can be mitigated and features to take advantage of so you can select a great storage facility. Here are a few things to watch out for as you weigh your options.

Air Quality Control

Computers have two major risks when it comes to storage units: dust and humidity. Together, these things create a messy danger that can cause more harm than good when trying to clean things up if you're not careful around sensitive components, so do what you can to reduce your risk.

Dust is an almost unavoidable risk, but the main problem is uncontrollable, heavy amounts of dust building up into cake-like layers inside the storage unit. There are many ways to filter out dust, but proper air conditioning is the most cost-effective, basic feature to use to take care of the problem.

Air-conditioning units should have filters that are regularly checked and cleaned or changed. Make sure to inspect the air-conditioning system, even if you're dealing with central air managed at one part of the facility. If necessary, just have the facility management escort you to the filter area.

If the building quality is poor, air conditioning won't be as effective. Air conditioning can also reduce humidity by removing it from the air and keeping temperatures too low for humidity buildup indoors, but if there are large cracks or holes leading to the outdoors, condensation can become a problem as well.

Obvious foundation damage can be found with a visual inspection, but be sure to feel around the corners and seams of infrastructure. Feel for any changes in temperature or moving air from any cracks or holes before settling on a facility.

Security for Valuables

There are multiple levels of security to consider when budgeting for a storage facility. It's up to you whether you want a facility with security guards, indoor protection, surveillance, or other features, but these features are not all necessary.

If having security guards represents higher costs, you'll want a secure storage facility located inside a larger building. These indoor storage facilities make it harder for a person to get into storage units undetected as long as cameras are also present, as the surveillance comes with at least two security barriers.

You'll need to make sure that cameras are actually recording and not just acting as a deterrent. If a facility claims to be recording, ask to see the previous few days of recordings, and be sure to note differences in times and dates.

Contact a storage-facility manager, such as one from Ventu Storage Center, to discuss other features that can keep your computers, electronics, and other valuables safe for long-term storage.