4 Responsibilities You Will Have When You Hire Movers

31 October 2016
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When you hire movers, you will have to decide what level of moving assistance you desire. For example, you may pack yourself and hire movers to load a truck and transport your belongings. Alternatively, you may add packing and unpacking services to your package so you have fewer responsibilities and more free time around your moving date. Either way, there are certain responsibilities that you should be prepared to handle. Read More 

Reliable, Secure Storage for Computers

3 October 2016
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If you have extra computers and electronics that need to be secured offsite, a secure self-storage unit can give you complete control of your inventory. Before putting everything in a box or stacking systems into the first storage unit available, you'll need to consider a few risks that can be mitigated and features to take advantage of so you can select a great storage facility. Here are a few things to watch out for as you weigh your options. Read More 

How To Make Do With A Smaller Storage Unit

28 September 2016
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The larger the storage unit, the more you'll pay to rent it. If you're trying to keep costs down, making do with a smaller storage unit is a good choice. Here are some tips for helping you downsize your items and store what's left as efficiently as possible. Get rid of anything that don't think you'll use again. There are items in everyone's home that they have not used in months and may never use again. Read More 

Accessing Essentials In The Dark: 3 Ways To Prepare Your Self Storage Unit For Power Outages

6 September 2016
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Don't clutter up your home, and store non-essential and seasonal items in one of the 49,940 self storage facilities in the U.S. Most self storage facilities will allow you to access your unit at any time of the day and whenever you need. If you're storing some important items or document in the unit, you'll want to make sure that you can access your unit whenever you want. In particular, this article will look at 3 ways you can prepare your storage unit for power outages, so that you can find what you need even when there's no electricity and light. Read More 

Moving On: How To Detach From Your Old Home After Divorce

26 August 2016
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If you are having to move due to a divorce, you may find it harder than ever to feel any sort of motivation. Even if the divorce was amicable, it can be difficult to leave the home that you thought you would live in forever. If you feel yourself developing hard feelings or having a hard time packing up to leave your soon-to-be-old home, you should work on detaching yourself from the house and situation. Read More